Friday, April 27, 2012

Sicilian Dreams..

All my life, I've heard stories and dreamt of a place called Carini, Sicily. I'm so happy to say that this July, I'll be spending two weeks on the beautiful island! I can't wait to visit relatives, eat too much Sicilian food, walk amongst the lemon trees and take in my family's homeland. My Nonna recently asked me a question I've been thinking about as well - what clothes will I wear? I decided to look at some photos of my Mother from her previous Sicily trips and gather inspiration from there. After all, Mother knows best.

My parents in the town square of Palermo, Sicily. My Mom is wearing a sweater, now I know where I got my obsession from.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my parents. They look so stunning, and dare I say my Father looks a bit like John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever

My Mother in a gorgeous polka dot dress with my brother. I obviously wasn't in the picture, yet.

I can't wait to make memories like these come July. As for clothing, I'm going to keep my suitcase basic with blues, reds, white and black.  Just like Mom.

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